During last summer we had some kiwi and ozzie friends visiting us and we had a walk around where we live with all of them.

It is always crazy awesome when you discover places you have seen for years with different eyes and then you find new things, new perspective and new inspirations.

Here below a few pictures, all taken during those days by film thanks to my (Tommy) lovely 35mm Ricoh500gx with the awesome FujiAcros100 and a 6x6 Yashica124G with Portra400 and a few 35mm colors taken by Laura with Fuji Superia400.

Also, take a minute to visit these legends!!!


Si Moore

Oli Sansom


James Broadbent (Chasewild)



Today we want to start a new section of the blog, where we will talk more about our trips around the world, made to shoot wonderful weddings.

Let's start with NYC, the BIG APPLE. A magic place, exactly how we thought and how we saw on TV and movies. Big buldings, caos, traffic, noise, smoke from manholes, crowded crossing, a multicultural city.

We love that place and we really hope to have the chance to come back and see more about it, we spent just 4 days there but we have a lot more to discover.

All these images are taken on film Fuji Superia 400 and Kodak TriX 400, with Ricoh 500 GX

While here some shoots taken during our stay in Washington D.C.