We have no words to describe how funny has been this wedding. 

We've got in touch with Stephanie and Jonathon almost a year before the date and even if we had a quick skype-call about the planning of all the things about their photoshoot we didn't understand how in love they were with our style.

They totally wanted a candid photoshoot without posed portraits so we were veeeeery excited about that, it was an opportunity to shoot a bit different than usual.

So guys, here the story of Stephanie and Jonathon full of emotional moments but also very funny and spontaneous shots.

BEST OF 2016

This year has been explosive for us, we started with a magical GREEK WEDDING IN FIJI then we walked through New Zealand, our favourite wildest country, to meet fantastic couples who gave us more than we could expect in terms of friendship, love and fun.

After that incredible experience we travelled through NORWAY just to spend a bit of time by ourselves before the wedding season that has been unbelievably full of lovely people, beautiful destinations and of course magical situations to shoot and love stories to tell.

We finished all these in the best way with the nominee from RANGEFINDER MAGAZINE as 30RISING STARS OF WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY 2016

So guys, here a totally random selection of all the things we did, have a look, enjoy it and leave a comment ;-)

Also, we want to thank all the couples, the colleagues and the people we have met this year and who gave us something to grow up with.