This is exactly how we figure a true feeling between two people in love. 

Lily and Alexandra are two very genuine girls with a huge amount of craziness and their friends are no less!!!

We spent all the day watching and documenting all the funny/emotional/crazy things happened in a way like we were there as friends, not only as photographers.

After exchanging their vows under a beautiful secular Pohutukawa tree we had a quick portrait session in the trees then we moved to the venue, perfectly settled for a friendly reception -where the "Donuts Wall" was king- then we got some more "urban" portraits (we always love the architecture and the light of the car parks :D )

All the rest is legend. All night long dancing with a mix of 70's/80's music, cocktails and an undescribable amount of fun.

We feel so blessed to have got this opportunity.


Two incredible guys definitely in love with travels but at the same time clearly proud of their land.

Chiara and Aldo had the ceremony in a small church next to their beautiful villa surrounded by the beautiful countryside of Pavia. They were sure to have everything there because that Villa has a huge wealth of family memories and they couldn't get anything better for their day!

We immediately loved that place, every detail was amazing, from paintings to magnificent frescoes on the ceilings and also the people were wonderful, all united to celebrate an exciting day with friends and family.

We loved this wedding and hope you will love too as we do!!!