Kelly and Cole, the craziest wedding we have ever shooted.

From the beginning they have been one of the couples that every photographer would like to have, super enthusiastic to have us at their wedding. They are two guys with a clear idea of what they want in their life and in particular with their wedding.

The day before the wedding we have been together to have the location scouting, we have never met a couple so involved in finding the best places for the portraits.

The weather forecast said very bad time and all the places were outside, but we weren't discouraged and we hoped for a better time on the next day. Unfortunately it wasn't.

Showers all the day, but on their faces only beautiful smiles.

No one was sad or dejected. In spite of the very bad weather we had the bridal party, on 12 people on two tracks (if we think now about it it seems so impossible and so crazy!!) and we went on the fiels totally covered by mud, and between a lot of laughs we made it.

About the reception what can we say, only one thing: Teepee tents!

If you have never seen one of them you must absolutely discovered how awesome they are

All was on the bride's family property and the tents were a perfect solution to have all outside without getting wet.

Thank you very much again Kelly and Cole for gave us the opportunity to shoot your wonderful wedding in the waikite Valley, New Zealand

here the stop-motion of this unforgettable wedding


Our 2016 couldn't start in a better way!! A wedding in Fiji with an extraordinary couple from  a big greek comunity in Wellington (New Zealand) was a great experience!

 January is not the best season for having a wedding there, so much wet and hot, but this was a very special wedding for us.

In particular for me (Laura) was a special one because i'm half greek and spending all my holiday in Greece when i was child, i can feel it closer to me.

The culture, the traditions and a lot of details where for me like "home".

Alexia and Peter told us from the beginning they would like to have a greek-orthodox ceremony and they had it in a small and total white church in Lautoka. 

While a very hot summer wind was blowing and fijian children playing with dogs outside, they had typical religious ceremony, with the exanging of the rings and the crowning, as a greek wedding

Than they had the reception, after bridal party shoots, at the Flying Fish restaurant at the Sheraton Hotel . The location is awesome, imperial tables on the beach, surrounded by white flowers everywhere, a lot of them were hanging down from the ceiling. Very fijian style!!

And as all the greek weddings they had a great party on the beach with greek music and a lot of dances. (Of course thay couldn't miss the tradition of break the dishes during the typical dance, as a big wish for the new family).

But now let's see how magic and romantic was this wedding!

Thank you very much Alexia and Peter for gave us this fantastic opportunity of be there and share with us your beautiful day!


This is one of the most loved moment of the year, Christmas is coming and we can finally down and relax after spending last months working for our beautiful couples, travelling all around Italy.

We are so excited because we can show you all the best we did in this awesome 2015 as weddings, travels and other projects.

Can't wait to start soon the 2016 with our first destination wedding in Fiji

Hope you will like this and leave us a comment if  you want too