This was one of the most crazy and funny engagement session we have ever had.

Imagine to plan an elegant portraits shoot in a very gorgeous villa in Como Lake at the beginning of October.

A great chance to photograph something different from the engagements we have shooted in the past.

But the rain was not in our plan. The weather forecast didn't give us any hope but Lisa and Tony were very determinated.

They flew from NYC only for the weekend to have it, so no chances to change their plan.

They wanted to have some shoots on the lake and other more in the city of Milan (we will show you more later in the week), so we spent 2 days together.

On the first day , we were on the Como Lake and we decided to take the ferry to go to Lenno where Villa del Balbianello is.

Once we arrived at the ferry station a really creazy stormrain with lightning and strong wind started, but nothing stopped us.

We arrived at Lenno but there were no shuttles for the villa because the wind, so we decided to have a walk to go there. Pouring rain during our walk there.

Once at the Villa she changed her clothes with a great dress. Rain and wind finally stopped so we could have the session. Lucky at the end!!!


Giulia and Giorgio, she's beautiful, italic-caribbean features, curly hair and a wonderful veil and a dress very stylish wore, probably you will remember some weddings we have shooted in the past with this kind of 50's style dress. Of course the stylist is the unique Nadia Manzato.

They choose a very important venue to them , a castle near a river, where they often go to spend some time together, both connected to the word of botany they wanted some shots just in the nature , a walk along the river a bit of chats allowed us to better know this wonderful couple.

Fabulous flowers design by Hanami Concept Store


Two incredible guys definitely in love with travels but at the same time clearly proud of their land.

Chiara and Aldo had the ceremony in a small church next to their beautiful villa surrounded by the beautiful countryside of Pavia. They were sure to have everything there because that Villa has a huge wealth of family memories and they couldn't get anything better for their day!

We immediately loved that place, every detail was amazing, from paintings to magnificent frescoes on the ceilings and also the people were wonderful, all united to celebrate an exciting day with friends and family.

We loved this wedding and hope you will love too as we do!!!