Do you remember about 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography last year?

Here the funny thing about how this wedding is connected to that: on the same evening we got the e-mail from Rangefinder editor-in-chief saying we were in and we had the Skype call with Liz and Ian telling us they wanted us at their wedding in USA. Can you imagine for a while how much we were excited?! We couldn't miss the chance to have a crazy party that night with good wine to celebrate one of the most remarkable day of our life.

Liz and Ian's wedding was extremely beautiful, we spent many days on the months before watching online all the images from the magical venue that Handsome Hollow is, a rustic barn surrounded by amazing colorful trees on the hills of the Catskill Mountains, Upstate. It didn't seem even real!!

On the wedding day the excitement level was really high and tensions feelings were strong. We were there, on a dreamy venue, surrounded by awesome people, everybody knew about us, a couple of photographers coming from Italy, and they were all absolutely kind with us.

We were shooting photos and filming stop-motion video and we absolutely wanted to make everything perfect, we didn't want to loose this big opportunity and in the end we spent a really amazing day, doing what we love most to do, documenting a very important day surrounded by people that respect you and your work, always smiling and enjoying the day all together.

Liz and Ian are two beautiful and kind souls, we'll never forget them and that day, was a dream that came true. Everything was perfect, the stunning Alexandra Grecco gown with the black leather jacket was just the cherry on top!!