Since the first skype call with chiara and leonardo we knew it would be great.

They already had everything planned very carefully and they told us they wanted to have us capturing the day as more natural as we could.

you know, is a common request but we were very excited to shoot their wedding.

We were sure ther outfits were great, working both of them in fashion industry and when we saw lonardo's suit we totally felt in love with it.

A texan bow-tie with a stylish red jacket and of course a perfect beard shape, his style really matched with Chiara's, a simply amazing,boho style dess from the Italian stylist Alberta Ferretti.

Everything was planned to be in the town of Milan, but they would love to have the portrait session in a wilder situation so we decided together to shoot it in the countryside just outside the city.

The reception venue (a famous restaurant from an italian chef- Carlo e Camilla in segheria) was stunning, it looked like a typical industrial warehouse from NYC, every detail was perfect, the lights were amazing and everything gave us a lot of different inspirations to shoot more portraits and dances, and of course everything was not possibile without chiara and leonardo's craziness!!