Elena and Andrea had a very romantic wedding in a breathtaking venue in Italy, Convento dell'Annunciata.

Since their first e-mail, even before finding the location for their wedding they told us they wanted a wedding in the wood. And the romantic vibes at Convento made it be the perfect place for them.

Green was a color detail they asked all the guests to have, this because they are totally in love with nature, they love travel and traveling was the main content on the day, they also decided to have the rings on a compass.

The ceremony was scheduled late in the afternoon and we were lucky enough to have some portraits at sunset light. Colors during the ceremony were really warm and we felt totally in the middle of the nature.

Later they had an amazing dinner inside and they couldn't have a more Italian style first dance, they decided to dance right next to the tables were the guests were and everybody were enjoying the moment, we are sure they will never forget it!!

Dont' miss this romantic wedding in Italy, Convento dell'Annunciata is an a great venue and we absolute suggest to give it a try!!