Michelle and Lucas came from NYC directly to Orvieto having a very romantic and inspiring elopement. 

They chose La Badia di Orvieto to celebrate their love, a breathtaking place, an old castle and fascinating ruins were the backdrop of they ceremony.

We met these guys in New York City a couple of months before their marriage, HERE you can have look at the engagement we shot with them. Has been a very funny and relaxing day with them, so we couldn't expect as far as welcoming day for their elopement.

We enjoyed so much spending some time with them, during the getting ready they were both excited and we cannot deny we felt their love during the moment of the getting ready. Has been a really romantic moment.

And what about the crazy walk we had along the streets of Orvieto!! We had the chance to find the best spots and play with light creating magical scenes.

We loved so much that day (that we ended with amazing food and wine on the main square of the town, knowing us more and more and create a very good feeling together), here a selection of photos from this ELOPEMENT.

Thank you Michelle and Lucas for having us with you!!