Donia and Robert are one of those couples you can feel as friends since the first moment you meet them, two wonderful souls you think you since forever. And we can absolutely say we felt so sad when we had so say goodby to them after 3 amazing days together.

Their wedding has definitely been one of those events you cannot forget.

From the breathtaking venue, a symbolic ceremony right in the middle of the forest, surrounded by families and closest friends with the silence of woods and hundreds of years hold trees. 

A Persian ceremony full of details and traditions, as the habit for the women of the family to spread sugar on bride and groom’s heads as a sign of good luck.

An unforgettable experience for us, jump into a new world, made of people we knew only via email and Skype calls, who allowed us to know their culture.

BEHIND THE SCENE: When you have the opportunity to shoot bride and groom portraits 2 days after the wedding and you stop to enjoy a burrito on your way to the falls :-)